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I'll echo what Doug said; it was a great weekend hanging out and racing with you guys. I've said this before but it bears repeating - the group of guys racing rallies/Rallymoto is just a really solid bunch of interesting, talented, competitive, sportsmanlike folks and it absolutely *makes* the weekend to enjoy the experience with all of my fellow racers.

To be honest, BRS was pretty frustrating as a race in and of itself. There was relatively little racing, very short stages, and long delays. The weather didn't help, and the stage cancellations on the first day, and extensive delays on the second day made for a whole lot of standing around. Imagine how frustrating that would be with a lesser group of guys! As it was, we all enjoyed each others company in spite of the scheduling difficulties.

Out on stage, a lot of those annoyances did melt away, but I couldn't help but wonder how great it would be to minimize those wait times, and lengthen the stages out. May not be possible in that geographic location though.

I don't remember it being as frustrating in 2009, but that was my first rally, and I may have been spoiled by the long stages and clockwork organization of Rally West Virginia (although that is helped in part by several extremely long liaison sections in between racing).

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