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Another time... asked a couple of ADV's along on this one but... here I go again by myself!
Great day so I was able to adjust my schedule to make this Friday ride happen. I planed a easy ride to the Wayside near Alamo Lake for lunch. Done it several times easy three hour ride each way. Via the black mountain trail across Hwy 71 to Tres Alamos road and Lunch. Planned to come back via the far North Aguila road route. Then decide dirt all the way home or pavement from Aguila.
This the how this easy trip played out...

These li'l yellow flowers were everywhere... Little did I know that my boots would be yellow from blooms before the day was over.

I soon run into some of this. Since the first of September this area has had about 12" of rain... and it is quite obvious everywhere.

At this point I had to adjust my route for the first time of the day... the Adventure begins.

Finally get to my usual Sol's Wash crossing to find "quicksand" along the edge... Glad I looked before jumping the bluff and dropping in!

This is another crossing I ended up using. Photo make it look easy but... 12' drop into soft sand and deep washouts of the climbing bank.

I did this "lot's of times" only to get on the wrong side of the fence and go 4 miles out of my way. Groooowl, Spent a total of three hours traveling 36 miles. That gets me to Hwy 71... on I trudge. However lunch is out. Get to Tres Alamos Road. Turn South on the Aguila road/trail/...

Ran onto this li'l boat.... Now, if it was me and I was discarding a boat I certainly would not travel 12 miles of crappy dirt road tie it to a Joshua Tree and pull it off. But that is only me... notice steering wheel in the tree.

If your good with BLM maps you know where I am. Stopped here to pull the sage-brush from the pegs and a Mesquite limb that was stuck in my horn & hanging across the front fender.

Get to here about 5 hours into the day... Bullard Wash. A long way back to Tres Alamos Rd and then have to travel on Hwy 93 back to Wickenburg... not my thing. So I decide to drop in. Let me explain (damn photos don't show much). there is a 20' swirl of very soft sand at the crest leaning toward the little crevasse I'm riding along.
That's before I even get to the edge and drop in. Well anyway It took some thought but I was only about 15 miles from assistance. (last time I crossed this it was about 1/2 this depth. (12" of rain will do that)

Break at the Pass...

Last photo of the day. Just crossed the Rudy Pass N. of Aguila... Civilization in sight.
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