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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
If you go back and read my post I suggested drills in an empty parking lot and to take the course.

As to dangers on the road back in the day....

My first bike was a 2 stroke with a power band about 2 seconds long, a front wheel that wouldn't stay down and brakes that provided as much stopping power as riding across a strip of flypaper. There were a lot less of us on the roads and less cars too, which also meant people were'nt near as aware that we even existed. Add to that wheels that were just a tad wider than most mountain bikes.

You can say any age or time was more or less dangerous...

But you'll never convince anyone near my age or older that a general pussification of the population hasn't occurred since.

We've all got stories of a person getting hurt trying something new.
Soon some people will be suggesting "why not go all the way and nobody fucking move!"

Get on the damn thing and ride or start taking estrogen.
LMAO, I'll bet you are a hoot at parties. Yes, you said take the course after a full out assault on anyone who thought there might be a better way. "Just throw a leg over and ride" is not always a good idea. We all have had our lumps. Learning wrong is still learning and still wrong. Chances are it will bite you sooner or later.
I don't care if you managed to survive for 75 years doing it "your" way. Probably no one else does either.
That doesn't mean you are wrong, there have just been better ways of doing thing found out during that time.
Some of us check out new ideas, and find out they are pretty good.
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