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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post

You just keep on making generalizations and following the old herd don't you....

So let me ask you this. You're pissed off cause BC is going to start spot checking for noise limits.


If your bike is so fricking quiet it shouldn't make any difference to you.

That is.... unless maybe you got some louder aftermarket pipes on it or have a habit of blipping your throttle or maybe offroading onto private land...

Which one is it?
Because it will be a pain in the ass to be hassled/checked even if I don't get a ticket. It also shouldn't be just motorcycles it should be the loud diesels, stupid tuner wannabes that think a fart can makes their civic a race car, and all the rednecks with straight pipes on their clapped out chevys, oddly enough after the cruiser tards the city busses are the loudest in my neighborhood.

Though I'm sure the RCP will handle this well as they've done with so much in the past.
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