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happy times!!
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Originally Posted by Zeid View Post
"Yamaha R6" "Japanese Demon on two wheels" LOOOOOOOOOL, really?

The guy writing the article was probably picked on in high school, has an overly large nose, probably curly hair and I imagine him wearing exclusively khaki pants and button up shirts with the top button buttoned. He just graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism and this is his first gig. I'm surprised he even knows what a motorcycle is. I also think it's hilarious how the Harley Guys are living out their "Fast and Furious Fantasies." Dude, please... The guy has no clue and is spouting out bullcrap.
But...But! There are all kinds of cool kids in this thread who are scared shitless because of that rabble rouser. Hopefully they get smartened up soon.
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