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Originally Posted by GuiltyParty View Post
23,000k's. Can I suggest one thing for your route? Instead of taking the Aktau - Baku ferry you should consider going through Iran. Every single person we met on the road raved about it.

Have fun mate and if you need any contacts when the time comes just PM me.
Originally Posted by blacktiger View Post
There's a couple of guys from Iran posting on the "Front Page photo" thread who might be able/willing to help.
if you have any contacts that you feel i will really early for planning purposes need please drop me a PM otherwise i will be in touch closer to the time

i agree 100% with Iran, my original plan was solo but now a friend is joining me, quitting his job and leaving his wife at home for an indefinite amount of time so he can do the ride, as he sees it once in a lifetime opportunity, i tell him it won't be, once he is out there he will change and always want more...anyhow i have a UK and US passports, he only has a US, so solo i could do it on the UK one, with him along we are not going to do the ferry but ride north around the Caspian Sea (lots of desert), skip AZ and enter Russia for a third time and then drop into Georgia and continue west thru Turkey

So as i continue and he finishes, on my second lap RTW i will definitely hit Iran as i'll be coming in from Pakistan...yes i do have a second circumnavigation planned so i'll be dropping in to see you in OZ on that one
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