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Crawford County Courthouse, Knoxville GA and the Texas Connection....

The Texas Connection : Joanna Troutman, aged 18 years and living in Crawford county sewed a silk flag with a five pointed blue star and the words "Liberty or Death". She presented this flag to a battalion of Georgia volunteers who were leaving to fight in the Texas Revolution in 1835. This flag influenced the current design of the Texas state flag. A 'lone star' was not used in any version of a flag that flew for Texas until 1836.

Around 1890, a new railroad was built through the middle of Crawford County following a north-south route. For whatever reason, the railroad's path came near -- but skipped -- the county seat. A train station was built one mile southwest of Knoxville, which became known as Roberta. In the years that followed, most Knoxville residents moved to Roberta. Eventually, Knoxville ceased functioning as a town, although its charter was never repealed. By the 1990s, Knoxville was one of over 100 Georgia towns that provided few if any services to their citizens but legally retained the status of an incorporated municipality. In an effort to deal with this problem, the General Assembly enacted legislation in 1993 mandating that any incorporated city in Georgia must provide its citizens with at least three municipal services or lose its charter (O.C.G.A. sec. 36-30-7.1). Though given a grace period to comply, over 100 small or inactive towns -- including Knoxville -- lost their municipal charters on July 1, 1995. At that point, they became unincorporated communities under the jurisdiction of their county governments. Today, Crawford, Columbia, and Echols are the only Georgia counties with an unincorporated community serving as county seat.

In an act of Dec. 23, 1822, the legislature authorized Crawford County's initial inferior court to select a site to serve as county seat and provide for construction of a courthouse (Ga. Laws 1822, p. 23). The same act provided that until a courthouse could be built, Crawford County courts and elections would be held at the house of Imlay Vansciver. In Dec. 1823, the legislature designated Knoxville as county seat. At some point thereafter, Crawford County's first courthouse was built. That structure burned in 1829 or 1830. The following year, construction of a new courthouse began. The new building was completed in Jan. 1832. Since then, there have been numerous repairs and remodeling, with extensive interior renovations and construction of a small addition in the late 1960s. In 2001-02, a new courthouse was built one block behind the old courthouse.

The new county courthouse :

The locals were not too impressed with the new court house when the clock tower sank and caused extensive damage to the roof.
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