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I turn the crank using a nut on the crankshaft.

I think it was 19mm socket and universal joint that did the trick.
You can get TDC on compression by removing the spark plug and stick finger to feel compression as you turn the crank. You can use screw stick to fine tune to be on exact TDC if you want.
Thanks for the tip. I plan on checking the valves after riding season is over. We took it on it's longest ride since we've had it (probably since it's been built!) 64 mile round trip out into the country for lunch. My wife rode it the whole time. She loves the power it has compared to her Metropolitan. Cruised at 45-50 for a couple of stretches. It ran great.The Pirellis stick like glue. I really like those tires. Hope they last.... Checked the gas mileage for the first time- 87.67 mpg. Can't beat that. I re-mounted the top case (correctly). The second owner had the factory top case installed at the dealer. They had it on wrong. Now it's level and secure. Tomorrow I plan on changing the hub oil. I bought a nice syringe to help with the job. Love having a "vintage" scooter.

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