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Time to wrap this ride up and make my way homeÖÖ

During the presentation about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens the ranger talked about many things and one of those things was how the blast turned the trees into compass needles pointed north. Hereís some of those compass needles on the hillside.

In 1980 that hillside was stripped clear of standing trees now trees are returning but yet the fallen trees are still there reminding us what happened all those years ago.


Donít forget to stop and enjoy the flowers, they are very nice this time of year.

Time to go home

Where I was

Almost to Naches, WA on Hwy 12


It was getting late and time to make miles so I could get home before dark. As much as it didnít thrill me I was riding the interstate the rest of the way home.


Not long and I was feeling tired and I needed to be rejuvenated plus my bike needed fuel. A stop in George, WA would do the trick. It looks like a few other people needed a fuel stop too.


The soldiers were picking up munchies in the convenience store and were very polite.

My dinner - not all that great but it did the trick.

There were a couple tables behind the gas station/store so I took a break, had dinner and enjoyed the beautiful early evening.
The tables were made by the Job Corps.


Leaving George I was entertained by the signs with the crop names along the interstate.



I like the crop names out there so I know what Iím looking at. I wish all farmers would do this. Itís about a 20 mile stretch where this is done. In the winter these same fields have holiday decoration displayed and they have been there for years. The displays are lit at night and I think they used to be powered by car batteries but now by solar panels. Itís pretty cool at any rate. Someone is dedicated.

This stretch of I-90 I have been traveling since I was 16 when I first started driving. I don't have even a close estimate of how many times I have driven/ridden it but I'm sure it's in the hundreds. Iím always looking to see if I can spot something I that I haven't noticed before. Sometimes I do, most times not.

I got bored and started to play with my shadow.

Uh oh, shadow better stop screwing around or itís going to get ran over.


Just a few miles out of Spokane the sun set and for a few brief moments it as very pretty.


At home I was tired and too lazy to put my bike away so I parked the bike in the back yard to deal with in the morning.

The stats


Remember I was worried about my clutch cable? Needless to say I got home fine. The next day after unpacking the bike as I was pushing it into the garage I was at the perfect angle and I could see what was wrong with the clutch lever and why I had to push the lever back when I would let go of it. The hand-guard had worked itís way down just a little and was rubbing on top of the clutch lever. Sheeshhhhh - - - At least it was an easy fix.

Next up: A Superbug ride with two other gals headed for a ladies ride and campout in Tygh Valley, OR.
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