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That stuff is wicked. I was nailed with it twice now. Once back in 2000 for my ankle surgery.. after 4 other attempts to put me under failed. They had to call the ER anesthesiologist to come do it. He did.. with that stuff. I still woke up mid surgery and got it again. EVERYTHING tasted like different textured salt for 3 days. Water, jello, turkey, gravy, mashed potaotes, etc. All salt. The second time was recently with my wisdom teeth. Same deal, but no salt aftertaste. Other anestetics didn't work. He got one tooth in and I was up for the last 3. I had the worst fucking hangover of my life after the teeth came out.
I dunno what they injectd me with for my facial surgery, but I was OUT like a switch in 5 seconds, and when I did wake up I was completely coherent and able to stand...... awesome drugs.... (not so much for someone that wanted to be bombed for a day tho)..

modern medecine is fantastic... but then when you pay $15k it better be...
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