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I have a 2720 that I've had in service for 8-9 years now. I have never updated the maps. It has worked well for me so I have not been looking forward to replacing it because of an annoying problem it sometimes has.

Only when its mounted to my bike, never when in a car, sometimes it thinks I've pressed the map to save a location when I didn't. I hit the map button to go back to the map and it will again think I pressed the screen. This cycle repeats until it forces me to recalibrate the touch screen which always fails. I have to power cycle the unit to, hopefully, fix the issue. Sometimes that works, sometimes not. I suspect vibration as the culprit.

Are you able to repair this issue and if so, cost? If not, and I buy a unit from you, is it easy to transfer all the saved locations I've accumulated?
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