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Day 4

Day 4
Kind of a rest day only a short stage of 100km with start 12:00

Did the service of the bikes in the morning, the 570 there easy just a oil & filter change and new rear tire, on the 660 we found a lot of metal particles on the oil plug not really much else to do then changing oil and filter and cross the fingers that the bike will make it to the end.

The 3 top rider did have a tracker today to make sure that they followed RD and this created some confusion on the course, brother did have a blast today and got confused at one point as he did not find any tracks, my comment to this at the finish line there quite logic if you are first in the pist you don't see any tracks from other riders.

Myself struggled with CP 1 together with a few other riders and lost 5-10 minutes before I found the course again, missed a washout warning, but I have learnt the lesson from Morocco don't brake give throttle and aim to get the front wheel over, It will still hurt but far less then hitting the washout wall with your front wheel.

Brother made it to the podium today with a second place I came in as normal in 7th position.

We are still 6&7 in total I'm now 6 minutes after brother in the total.

Some more life supporting actions on the 660 in the evening to keep the bike running the last few days.

We did get a sandstorm in the evening and I spent 1 hour outside in goggles and long john holding my tent.

Top speed test of 660 Rally still make + 150km
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