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Originally Posted by NWBoon View Post
Question for those in this club: will my ankle/fibula be a "weak spot" or will it be as strong as before the crash after healing? If I crash again and injure the same area, will the 2 remaining screws be an issue (meaning will having metal parts contribute to more serious injury?)
Well, as my Orthpod explained it to me:

everyone's injury is essentially unique, as is how they heal up.
The healed bone should actually be stronger than it was originally, but if it ever gets re-injured, the outcome may be worse than the original injury.
Added hardware can definitely complicate matters.

I shattered 6in or so of my tibia, got a full length knee to ankle rod and buncha screws.
I figure I won't ever really break my Tibia again...might bend it a bit...

seriously though, I expect that if I ever re-injure that leg significantly in the future, it will probably come off. When I shattered the tibia, the surgeon said it was about 50/50 I'd be able to keep it at the time.
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