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help me figure this one out!

05 950 adv. went on brutal ride, bike went down on rt. side with the tires higher than the handle bars. I couldn't lift the pig so I had to wait 10 minutes or so for the next rider to come along and help up right the 950. In the mean time I did shut of the fuel, however when I tried to start it, it was obvious the bike was flooded so I held the throttle open to clear things out and when it started it back fired thru the carb. Instantly I could tell it was running on one cylinder, at about 2500 rpm it would run on both cylinders and would pop on decal a lot but only at partial throttle openings, at complete throttle closing there was no popping.
Now I have the bike home with the air cleaner off and at idle there is NO vacuum from the front carb-at all. I can put my hand over the carb opening with no change/ill effect. If I open the throttle it will start to fire on the front cylinder but does back fire thru the carb.
OK, looks like I jumped a tooth some where. I will get it apart today and do a leak-down test and assuming I did not bend a valve, where do I start looking for the problem?
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