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I can't complain about the weather. Other than my first night out, where it was still a bazillion degrees and muggy at midnight, it's never drifted too far outside of comfortable as long as I've been moving (stopped is a different story) on the bike and the two nights so far in the tent have been just about perfect. It's going to be a good day. It already is.

I'm at the South and West corner of the park, so heading North is the plan..

And East, along Glacier Point Road..

Practically zero traffic..

Iconic views..

I can't really tell, having never looked upon these before, but folks have been talking about how little water is flowing over the falls..

I spoke with an athletic couple from Birmingham, Georgia, who recommended taking the trail to the top of this. They did it yesterday in about a 9-hour round trip. Cool.

Holy shite, right?

Oh, and I don't see any big plume of smoke, just a haze..

Time to head back out to the main road and down to Yosemite Valley..

The road to Hell is paved...
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