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Originally Posted by rossguzzi View Post
Great thread. Just stumbled onto it.

My 06 990 Adv has SAS in place and turned on, no charcoal canister, Tune ECU Akra map, secondary butterflies removed, G2 throttle cam and stock air box.
Fairly happy with how it runs but it could be less jerky on off.

My 950 with Rott air filter is silky smooth.

For those that have a 990 and fitted a SW filter, what do you do with the SAS stuff. Or is there a better map that I can load up, then ditch the SAS and put the blanking plates on.

Cheers !
SAS is used only during warm up to provide O2 to help heat the CAT's which you probably don't have since you are running the Akra map. As soon as the O2 sensors are up to proper temperature (if they are on -- by default the Akra map has them off but that can be changed), then the ECU switches to closed loop mode using those sensors to adjust the mixture. After switching to closed loop mode, the SAS valve stays closed. Most people find that keeping the O2 sensors on gives better mileage.

Most 990 owners replace the stock mufflers to get rid of the heat of the CAT. Not having a CAT means you don't need SAS so they take it off. If you run SW's filter you have to find a place to mount the SAS valve if you don't take it off.
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