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yes. FUCKING YES!!!!

Quitting your job in your mid thirties, ditching girlfriend, friends, living situation, taking a YEAR (roughly) to explore the wildest parts of the world and hunt for waves...epic.

My hat's off to you. It takes bigger balls to do this at your age than if you're 18-25. Guys that worked hard that are in their mid to late thirties or older have much more invested in their lives. Just a fact-they've had much more time to set shit up. By default, they're more invested in what's going on.

Harder to pull the plug.

Source? I'm 35 and been to 33+ countries before being 35. Other source? I surf, a lot. Have all over the world. Surfing and motorcycling are very similar. The two compliment each other more than anyone would think.

Traveled North Africa and Southeast Asia before I was 23. Lived in Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico. Worked overseas for years. Hell, worked on the ocean for years. Port to port.

For someone to just call it, pack up, say f-it and ride a motorcycle through some of the most intense areas of the world with a surfboard is no fucking joke.

I love this ride report.

PLEASE keep posting.

I am subscribed.
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