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Originally Posted by DirtJack View Post
SAS is used only during warm up to provide O2 to help heat the CAT's which you probably don't have since you are running the Akra map. As soon as the O2 sensors are up to proper temperature (if they are on -- by default the Akra map has them off but that can be changed), then the ECU switches to closed loop mode using those sensors to adjust the mixture. After switching to closed loop mode, the SAS valve stays closed. Most people find that keeping the O2 sensors on gives better mileage.

Most 990 owners replace the stock mufflers to get rid of the heat of the CAT. Not having a CAT means you don't need SAS so they take it off. If you run SW's filter you have to find a place to mount the SAS valve if you don't take it off.
Thanks for that info DirtJack.
I would be really interested to hear how you go with that map your playing with. I have read good things about the Powertripp ones.
I think I tried my Akra map with o2 sencor turned off but it didnt run as nice. I would have to check to see if the SAS is on or off. Im thinking on because I can hear the solinoid clicking when reving the motor. No Cats on mine. Perhaps I should try turning the SAS off.
Good luck with the map !!
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