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Question Infrastructure - What Infrastructure?

Life is simple in Madagascar, if there's water to be crossed, there will be a floating vessel of some type (I hesitate to use the word boat)

My favourites are the small dug-out canoes or pirogues as they're called over here. It seems to be every boatman's boast that he will not turn anyone away, leading to some very heavily laden pirogues.

I was broken in gently, my first one actually had an engine (of sorts)

the next one was two guys paddling

You just ride up to the edge of the water, and the rest is done for you

These kids were practising with baby baths (no doubt donated by a well-meaning NGO)

Getting Suzi in and out was at times a bit trickier than they expected as she's bigger than the average bike around here

The bigger vehicles don't fare much better

as they load more and more on

Until it's so full they can't take anymore, and off they putter across the river mouth with the waves from the sea breaking over their feet!!

I prefer to take my chances with something like this

The track I was following ran alongside the beach, where I was watching out for super soft patches of sand and also the ropes from the fishing nets

Then back in under the trees

To add some interest there's also some mud, sometimes a LOT of it

I'm sort of learning about this bike as I go

This is the shy fisherman who gave me a hand

On the way home from...Mongolia
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