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Originally Posted by McRuss View Post
Hi Gary,

Yeah, different Tiger I think. Glad to hear you made it back in one piece, enjoyed meeting and hanging with you a bit in Dawson. Hope your wife had fun, even with the rain in Haines. Nice that you saw a brown momma and her babies, have yet to see a griz in the wild (but neat experience with one at Krochels (spelling?) outside Haines.)

I'd love to get back to Chicken again, or Dawson, Tok, etc. but doubt if it will happen. I tried to sell my WeeStrom when I got home but ended up keeping it and selling my deer killin' KLR. (It didn't actually kill the Axis doe but I think she had a big 'tire shaped' bruise!)

Ride well,

Hi Russ,,
Really nice to see this post from you. Hope Nancy doesn't mind us invading her excellent ride report. But I'm betting she's cool. Yes Shelley enjoyed our couple of days two up. Not begging for her own bike or anything but she's a great sport and besides what's not to like about cruising through some of the most gorgeous country on the planet. I'm seriously considering doing it again cuz I'm kicking my butt for not riding the Dempster to Inuvik but I sorta had tunnel vision around getting back to Whitehorse to meet her and show her what I had doing all the planning for! I have a brother who lives in Calabasas, CA who just got a Beemer RT and I'm hoping to convince him to come up and do the trip to Dawson with me. We'll see, maybe I'll have to go south. So you hit a deer!? I hope you are O.K. I was watching like a hawk for them this morning on my commute home from nightshift at 06:30. Hope all is well with you and your family and that you get to enjoy that Wee strom . It is a sharp bike and there's lots worse to be stuck with. Maybe you need to relocate and retire up here in Gods country! Things are hopping here in Alberta and you'd be halfway back to Dawson city! Maybe we could turn you into a skier!! Anyway take care, I have to sign off and hit the sack.
Regards, Gary
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