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That is a great mileage you are getting. To be honest, I have not had calculated my gas mileage since I got my scoot. I usually ride the scoot for commute to work. Each leg is about 35-38 miles, not for sure, 100%. I do two round trips before filling up from a 5 gallon jug, which is use the gas for pressure washer and others.
Anyways, I'm thinking that I fill about 2 gallons each time for possibly 140 miles of riding, which makes about 70 miles per gallon with 165lbs arse.
I'm pretty happy with this.
I think you're doing better than you think- the tank only holds 1.8 gallons. If you ran it dry you'd still be getting 77.78 mpg. 140 divided by 1.8. I fill it to the bottom of the bar in the tank each time. You're probably in the same area as we are gas mileage wise.

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