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Originally Posted by wheelnut46
Muddied up the beasty today. 56 degrees F and the family was pre-occupied with baseball. Time for Dad to go out and explore the local trails with daylight on his side. So the bike is tall and heavy. It's got some serious grunt and 13 inches of ground clearance. Wahoo! I was just putt-putting around through the trails, over some whoops, into some sand pits and climbing hills. I might have even caught a little air here and there. There were kids out there with 80's and 125's. Thats who these trails were made for. I stayed out of their way. I know I could take every one of them in the wide open. This bike is comfortable riding for hours on end. Also I rode street from one area to the next. What freedom! I dont know all the trails yet but I wasnt limited at all. My front tire was caking up and washing out pretty bad in the sand pits. I'll have to look into replacing that. All in all a fun day. No fancy long distance ride to tell about, just hours in the saddle, playing around and getting muddy in the woods on a great bike.
Rained all day here Nut, so I spent all day cleaning and servicing mine. I switched over to full sythetic oil this time Ill let you if it make the shifting smoother.
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