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My wife and I helped a guy load up his bike after a getting a flat at 55 mph Friday.

He was on a newer Suzuki Boulevard (the big one) and got a big gash in the tire on one of the few straightaways along that lonely stretch of road. His buddy came to rescue him with a 2WD pickup and a ramp. The rear tire kept sliding sideways (because he was leaning it slightly toward himself for balance) so we had a tough time lining it up with the ramp.

Finally, we started from the middle of the traffic lane, and it slid into position. Once the front tire was on the tailgate, it took 5 of us to pull it up the ramp. We didn't dare use the engine power, since the rear was already sitting at the edge of the ramp.

Once the bike was in the truck on its side stand, the poor guy began to hyper-ventilate. He had inherited the bike from his deceased grandfather, and was terrified he was going to have to abandon it on the side of the road overnight (couldn't afford the tow bill). I'm just glad the blowout didn't cause him to crash, because he was wearing t-shirt, tennis shoes, and a half shell helmet. No gloves.
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