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Originally Posted by Turbo Ghost View Post
I noticed you wear the "heat-out" shirt. Is it just the shirt or the whole outfit? I had a feeling there was no difference between the heat-out and the freeze-out other than the name printed on them. What are your opinions of the gear? I see them on sale for very cheap quite often and I've got a long trip coming next year and was thinking of getting a set or two. Thanks!
I have both the top and pants both long (no shorts or short sleeve shirts)
There is a big difference between the heat out and freeze out. Just go see for yourself.

But buy them both.

I use the heat out alone on hot days, it does seem to help my body breathe better rather than sit in a pool of sweat as cotton can often feel in super hot temps. It seems to control odor too if you wear it multiple days in a row without laundering. (It seems to air out well overnight each time)

When it's cold, I put the heat out layer first then the freeze out over. Don't mistake the freeze out for the heat out. The freeze out is super warm and can be worn alone and keep you toasty but I like the heat out under in case I do sweat a little so I don't get that clammy cold feel with just the freeze out layer.

The heat out layer needs to be extremely tight to be effective. I bought one size bigger because I was a bit uncomfortable with how snug it felt initially and now that I have the small, the evaporation of sweat off my body and preservation of my core temp seems to act better than the medium which isn't nearly at tight.

Plus they are black (don't show dirt) have long sleeves (won't get the reverse motorcycle wrist sun tan) pack up small and is very comfortable against the skin. I only use these under my outer gear now. I tossed all my yoga pants and long sleeve nike cotton tops.
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