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I looked at a few NYC news reports and a couple other video websites on the situation. The comments that were left are ridiculous. Most are from people who seem to be involved with the mc "gang." Seems like they all want the RR driver dead. One of the comments went a little something like this: pPl neEdz to respeKt uz bikerz. They doesnt not knowz that weze all gotz famz and childrenz. DIs dRiVer dZervs to DY!!

The mental retardation is strong within that group. I'm not sure when these bikers were given authority to enforce the law, but they seem to think they can do whatever they want. If you notice at the very beginning of the video you will see them all stop the RR and you can see one of them off their bike at the drivers door doing something. As far as I'm concerned that person had no right to do such a thing and the RR's actions were justified. Hell, I would have done some donuts and ridded the world of a few of these asshats.
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