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no it doesn't
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Re: hmmm

Said The Fist:
Even after I've reduced it to about 400 pixels across, the file is still at about 280kb....

Making it smaller than 400 pixels across really makes the picture look too small for posting (regardless of how many kb it is)....
Ok an idiot on a computer but this is what i do. I take a pic on a 1 to 2 meg camera. D/load it & open it with photoshop. I open P/Shop & adjust size.

The original size says 3.01M @ 72 pixels/inch..1184 wide.

So i reduce its width to 600 pixels & this now gives me 792 k (it was 3.01M) I save it at that size & when i reopen it & look at its size it is 100 kb & it posts well.

Hope that is of some help but keep in mind i am a lot better at digging holes than computer stuff.
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