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Tommy J: My rain gear has been shit. Do not buy Sidi and do not buy Rev'it. My Sidi suit ($100 ish), made it through a few rainy days on my last R/R, then decided to disintegrate all over me while driving from Seattle to Portland. I spent 20 minutes picking off all the black pieces of plastic from the inside of the suit off my skin, then another 20 off the carpet of my rented flat. The following day, I went to MotoCorsa, bought a $120 Rev'it suit, and the fucker didn't just leak--it CHANNELED freezing water directly to my skin chandelier. Nothing lowers your core temp faster than running cold water over the scrotum radiator, which quite rapidly leads to George Costanza shrinkage AND what appeared to be a bladder issue. If my Airbnb hostess didn't just love the trail of tar my suit left going up the stairs, I'm sure she loved the idea of renting her place to someone who seemingly had bladder-control problems.

While literally freezing my balls off during the ride, my mind wandered. I thought, "how might a company that produces rain gear be able to actually test their products?" If I had a stopwatch that actually could pinpoint, down to the millionths of a second, how long it took me to come up with several answers to that question, I'd share the results. I did not, though, so let's just round up to the closest duration of time: 1 second.

It might be seasonally inconvenient to ask a company that produces rain gear to actually test their products in the rain, but after 1 second of ball-freezing-thought I discovered there are actually a surprising number of ways to adequately reproduce the effect of rain that does not involve protesting excessive fire-hydrant flow in front of Bolivian fire stations during nozzle-testing maneuvers at midnight. One could simply put on a rainsuit and take a shower(!). Or even sit in a chair and pour icy cold Coca-Cola down the front of the suit. Hell, a squirt gun given to a 7 year old who'd been given a lecture on 'stand your ground' could have exposed even the most minor design flaw. Even if no actual liquid was available for real testing, it does not take a mind-giant to realize that if you're going to have a flap on the front of the suit, make sure the opening isn't pointing directly INTO the wind.

I am not sure about how the flaps are positioned on the Sidi....I can't even touch it without more disintegration, but I'd venture a guess that it's the same. Perhaps both companies could co-market Civil War era blanket-technology and sell suits, tents and gloves manufactured from horsehair and glue.

I'm not even going to edit my post above because I'm aggravated, so please excuse any grammar, punctuation or spelling errors. (Ok, after I calmed down I did a quick once-over.)
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