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Originally Posted by guavadude View Post
Loving the writing and riding. What's the name of the sushi place and what did you order? Hearing that way this next week and need it track that down.
Are you still shooting with the RX100? I really enjoy your pics as well.
Sushi place was Japonessa.

And yep--still firing off pics with the RX100. It's got a speck of dust on the sensor (which it's had since the beginning of the trip, requiring cropping and/or photoshopping), but it's still performing beyond expectations.

Aviator: Yep, spent some quality time with Arun, and AJ. AJ not only fixed my Piece of SHIT Gilles rearsets that kept locking up in gear, he also noticed I didn't have a lock ring on my rear wheel (I won't mention the tire guys who f'd that up) and also discovered my front axle was not torqued down properly (ok, I'll mention them indirectly--they are at every Zoom2 track event). Lesson 1) there's a reason you should do all your own work yourself and 2) there are good fucking mechanics out there who don't put your life at risk ('sup AJ!). Now you know who you can trust. Looking like I'll have haul my bike to every event with my truck just so I can carry stands Front and Rear, eliminating the need for me to depend on anyone else to change out my wheels.

It's truly incredible. Gilles fucks up, Sidi fucks up, Rev'it shits the bed, a company who does nothing but changes tires can't put a wheel back on (sorry guys, I like you, but you could have killed me), and even Sony can't do enough basic Quality Control to guarantee a $600 camera doesn't have dust on the sensor.

Edit: Oh yes, I also discovered the R30 Kriega isn't fully waterproof. One memory card, my sketchbook, some brain meds, and some other shit I'd packed into the pockets of the backpack were soaked. Though Kriega, as a company, is awesome and has some bitchin' products (and their people are top notch), the technical writer for their website needs to be struck in the knuckles with a crowbar for writing shit like, "Kriega R30 is widely acclaimed as the best 100% waterproof motorcycle backpack in the world" and, "The best waterproof motorcycle backpack available."

As you can see from the single picture (below) taken after a 3 hour ride in the rain (I have to give credit to Sony, even with dust on the sensor the puddle in the pocket is still visible!), a hefty bag held onto my back using bungee cords would have been less comfortable, but more waterproof. This was a free bag from Kriega, given to me without me even asking, because they liked my R/R and wanted to give back, which makes me feel like a total, ungrateful asshole, but photos on a memory card and a sketchbook I had hours and hours of work into were proper fucked. I also lost 1/2 of the meds I take several times a day to keep my brain inside my skull. The truth: the main compartment of the bag is about 95% waterproof, but the pockets are only good for about 30 minutes of sprinkles. If you know this, the bag fucking rocks. If you don't, you're not going to be happy when it rains.

(This was the excess water that wasn't absorbed by my gear in the top pocket. Puddle in the bottom pocket was the same.) I'm no marketing genius, but the whole "backpack with two built-in cereal bowls" could be a real selling point.

The good news: I waterproofed the exterior with leather wax after this incident. Even in a 1 hour downpour (today), the pockets stayed dry and the rest of the backpack material repelled (instead of absorbed) water. I'm still amazed at how wearing the bag, even when loaded up with gear (and H20), feels far lighter than it really is. The support system is truly amazing, but care should be taken to prepare the bag for a typhoon.
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