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Into the clouds

Thanks for the good wishes and the responses.
Bike has no mechanical modifications at all, the only changes have been the additional fuel tank and luggage.
Spare parts tube and longer tube for tent poles and fishing rod made by me.
Pannier rack made by Orna Steel in Darwin
Saddle bags by Andy Strapz

Well I braved the Dili traffic this morning and set off; the journey has begun at last. Actually Dili traffic is pretty well behaved. Managed to take a wrong turn and did a bit of a loop back through town but got my bearings sorted and headed up and up and up. Locals are great with directions most of the time. I stopped to offer assistance to a local rider stopped on the side of the road, he was fine just filling his oil. We were heading in the same direction and played tag for the rest of the trip. He found me later in the day looking for the track to the mountain and pointed me in the right direction.

Bloody oath I look stupid on this thing, no wonder the locals stop and gawk.
 photo Ridebegins.jpg

The highest altitude I got yo on the road was around 2200m, bike handled it pretty well.

Have to leave it at that for now, data speed up here is painfully slow and photobucket is misbehaving.
I'm lost, I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, have me wait.
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