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iOS is first. Functionality will be locked or optional for certain instances. Ultimately this is not the Dakar guys' first choice, but as a backup or for the rest of the gazillion of us who want decent functionality without the high cost of a specific device, it should be good. As good used iphone 4 is about $100. Some things are still to be worked out, but my partner and I (adv whateverdood) have some fun plans. The idea is to make rally even easier to the motorcycle masses but still be able to be used for competition.

I've run stages I've created myself with a few buddies, and honestly even lame graded roads turn into an amazing time when suddenly you are navigating instead of just following (and eating) the dust of the guy immediately in front of you. Any riding loop turns into a race with your buddies. Everyone starts at one minute intervals and I PROMISE you the stomach butterflies come, even when you are just horsing around wiht your best friends. It's racing, but without the dust of a bomb run start, course markers, etc. The problem is that in order to experience this fun with your buddies everyone needs $1000 worth of gear on the front of the bike. Our vision is to change that...
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