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Originally Posted by Evil Invader View Post
Ok... Buy the Berg!!!!
You still need to make the KTM "your own" so to speak.. and it´s great fun putting your bike together the way you want it.
And you got plenty of good solid tried and tested setups to choose from, depending on your wallet.

Go small

Go big
You can't imagine how tempting it is for me to go and pick that '12 FE450 up and dump all my money into it !! Exercising restraint is an understatement.

Originally Posted by Åmme View Post

If you LOVE to build your own bike do it, if you really don't know if you LOVE to build your own bike buy a ready made rally light bike it will save you a lot of money and give you some time to think what you really want as your final rally bike.

I have done a few Berg's a 650 who I loved and two 570 and I can't really say that I love the 570 due to the size of the frame it's to small for a big rider who I am 197cm and + 100 kg
I love to build my bike but using all new components like nav tower, road book, fuel tanks etc will cost a bomb and i'm trying to make a sensible decision, not just let the heart rule. Being 185cm the KTM530Exc fits me like a glove and the Berg FE450 is not bad either.

Originally Posted by tidbits View Post
Best of luck, I love these threads

Evil, that husaberg rally website is kick-ass! I must have been living under a rock to miss that. If you've got deep pockets go the husaberg and pimp it out with one of the husaberg rally kits.

Good luck!
Since i saw the Husaberg rally page on FB, i've gone through their entire build pictures and they sure do make a sexy kit for the Bergs. Unfortunately i don't have that kind of money.

i've found another rally prepped 530Exc and trying to see if it is within my measly budget. Good news is (or bad ?) i've since sold my 990Adv so i atleast have money in my hands to spend now !
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