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I am somewhat ambivalent at this point. I DO sway towards keeping it at MRA for all the reasons previously noted. AND, it's the BIG NUMBER 10 (!!!) so's I'd like to hold onto the tradition for one more year (which is why I voted yes).

OTOH, I do see Gilla's point. BTDT.... a lot of times. Gettin' a bit stale. What keeps me going down there is seeing all the folks/friends I rarely get to see otherwise. As far as the motorhome, trailer crowd, I couldn't care less one way or another as long as you show. Some come for the hard core trails (dirt bikes) and some of us are gettin' older and like our comfort. I will still be tenting and riding down but appreciate all the beer/equipment hauling that occurs with all our truckin' friends. And a hot shower is much, much appreciated after a few well as a nice crapper.....

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