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Originally Posted by Gerg View Post
All fine and good but what you want to do isn't WARPED. With your absence when you were anointed with the task of running it makes it hard to gauge the interest in moving it. Mater o fact, you missed the last TWO years.

So I raise your Gauntlet and see you... You have until mid November to find a place that has the trails and amenities, along with the somewhat central location for both the nor and socal folks. Until then we'll see where the majority want to go. If you find a place we'll revisit the poll.

This isn't Fall Colors where nobody knows where it's going to be and it's supposed to happen THIS MONTH. This is about ~100 folks making plans for a vacation day or two and PLANNING rides.

And last, you really need to get over the trailer RV thing. The RV at Warped 8 provided much needed coffee ALL day. It and some others who trailer hauled the EZ-ups that kept folks dry. Those same vehicles have hauled the KEGS of beer to the event as well as gone after MORE beer when we ran out. Not all of us drink old crumpledick. They have also provided LOTS of firewood.

Let the poll continue.
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