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Originally Posted by ewilly View Post
I think the deciding factors for me regarding the B loop decision comes down to these questions?

1. Will there be overhanging brush and branches on the trail that would damage the windscreen ?

2. Will there be UP/OVER logs to cross without ramps?

Any input would be appreciated. I am riding F800GS.

I have one friend who says not real doable and the other I ride with regularly that says no problem. Turning the pig around on a sketchy is not a viable option without 3 or 4 men either.
I have been on part of the A loop and I wouldn't even consider an 800 on some of it, but you are a much better rider than I will ever be. Hell, some of the A loop is miserable on the small bike for me.

I am sure some of the other riders will chime in on this question. Good Luck, I will see you in Prescott.

Yes and Yes to questions 1 & 2. Maybe more logs now than two months ago. Maybe not........
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