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I dunno, I'm really torn. There are really great discussions on both sides here.

My personal experience after attending a good number of them has been great, on both my espresso machine as well as a little bike. Each was a different and great experience.

When I rode my first GS to my first WARPED, Mikey got me so drunk I didn't know my name on that silly 3 Amigos tequila stuff. I ended up drunk dialing my (now) wife and that has always been a fun memory, not to mention it was the first time I rode in the snow and some other conditions.

I also brought my now wife to her first "event" and introduced her to the insanity.

Another great one was when we came back from Germany and had a blast doing some insane single track with Windrat and, of course, doing so hung over REALLY bad.

Both of these great memories were from the same location and I was excited then to bring little man and the mutts last year, but alas, my back had other plans.

HOWEVER, the cost is totally absurd. I put out around $200- maybe more- last year, and not only did I not get to go (no one's fault but mine since I was injured), I've still not gotten my T Shirt from last year.

I didn't bitch one word about canceling and not getting a dime back, but it left a VERY sour taste in my mouth for wanting to go back to the same venue. Please note also this is not a reflection of last year's or any other's organization- it simply is the nature of the chosen venue.

So although I have positive memories of the location, I agree that it should be at least explored to find another that if nothing else, is a bit more flexible and cost effective.

One part of me says this isn't an MOA rally where there must be shopping and all the comforts of home and it is SUPPOSED to be an adventure of some form. Hell, I could have stayed in Europe to "camp" like we do at MRA.

But another part says the riding rocks in that area for all types of bikes and would be hard to replicate.

Bottom line is I guess I'll go with whatever, but cost vs. reward needs to be taken a bit more seriously in my opinion to keep the same location.
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