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Originally Posted by rockinrog View Post
To be honest I have never seen that many radar traps on the parkway, especially once into NC.
I've only noticed one trap, and that was around the visitor center near the Northern terminus. He was tucked back into the woods on a little dirt ramp. The other few I've seen were rolling. I only assumed they had moving radar units running.

Skyline Drive is hardcore, though. They really do hide in the trees there. I heard a strange whine and slowed down to figure out what it was. Sounded like air whistling around my shield. Still heard it when I stopped. Then a ranger comes around a corner flashing. I waited for him to go by but he stopped. Said he'd been trying to catch me for over five miles and had called for backup because he thought I was running. I was like, "whaaaa..." Anyway, he made a big deal of it and eventually another unit showed up, he wrote me for 60 in a 35. Said he'd radared me but I never saw anyone, and I watch for them. I've sworn off Skyline Drive since. You even have to pay for the priveledge of being harassed!
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