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Originally Posted by Treadless View Post
Yo CA Stu, dump cesspool of a thread into jomomma where we can get real and be completely honest.

If Funk started this thread that would be one thing, but THIS BULLSHIT IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!
And just what makes this thread bullshit ole wise one?
You were going to run this, you didn't not discuss with ANY of the previous folks who ran this event, you just unilaterally handed it off.

Had Gillafunk been AT the event when he was anointed AND announced his desire to move it AND got a positive response, I wouldn't give a crap. The first MOST folks have heard about the change in venue is THIS POLL!

I'm sorry, I just don't get the issue with folks trailering their single track bike OR ole farts like me bringing my frickin motorhome. How many folks have YOU fed out of your saddlebags? How about coffee and muffins? Or the large community cooler (with starter beer I might add).

I've ALWAYS gone the extra mile when bringing my RV as a penance for doing so. Food, Coffee, Beer, Hauling shit for folks. I JUST DON'T GET THE RESISTANCE OF ME BRINGING AN RV

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