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Yeti sent a PM to a bunch of us to get some input and opinions.

I'll try.

First off, let me say that we've always liked the Kernville location well enough. It's got good food nearby, a great grocery store, the camping amenities are about as good as we could ever hope for, and the local riding (both dirt and street) are pretty good. The fact is that finding a better venue, especially during the middle of Spring, is going to be tough. The WARPED crowd (myself included, of course) is an older group, and I do not mean that in any pejorative sense. A lot of them have been on ADV since the Good Alde Days, and their resistance to change is understandable and expected. We've all had some really great times at MRA, and it's fitting that the 10th anniversary of WARPED should be held there. That being said, there's a good argument to be made for changing things up once in a while and giving everybody a new, fresh face on the whole affair. I spoke with Giddyfunk at the Redwood Rendezvous this past weekend, and he made some very good points concerning why he wants to move the event. Personally, it's a long, dull slog on slab most years to get to Kernville, and his ideas of where to move it in the future might rule myself and the Mrs. out on sheer mileage/time considerations alone. I'm fine with that, if it means that the event continues and the people who have put their time, efforts, money, and passions into it are considered and served.

My opinion is this: leave the event at MRA for the 10th, and have a nice confab of all concerned then and there about selecting a new spot for 2015, maybe even before the raffle on Saturday night.

Kiel deserves some props for wanting to inject some new life and blood into an old gathering, but I believe that Gerg, Treadless, YetiGS, Backoutonthehighway, and any others that I've left out who've taken on this leviathan of a task need to have their concerns addressed.
My biggest worry about this entire process is that it devolves into a big pissing match that drives potential new attendees away and alienates the old guard to the point that the life goes out of WARPED.

BTW: I don't give a rat's ass about motorhomes and trailers.
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