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On to it


There are some really inventive and clever people out there, great to see what's happening.

Thanks for your help Nerb.

The whole plan was to make sure the bike was as narrow as possible by tucking the panniers in over the pipe. Hanging out the side like the OEM boxes do makes for a wide and potentially easily buggered up system in a fall. At a rough guess the system should be with in ball park of the OEM boxes.

Owners have a choice of using two of my Traveller Pannierz one as Nerb has done, opt of one Traveller and one Expedition Pannier. Travellers are smaller in volume but multi adjustable so will clear the pipe.

Like all thingz dual sport it's all about finding the best compromise.

The next cab off the frames rank is the 2013 BMW 1200GS, prototyping next week.

More 1190 info here

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