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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Just an odd aside,how did the venue determine that no refund was made when you couldnt go? Or that no T-shirt was forthcoming?
I dont understand.
Refund policy was clear. Last minute cancellations do not result in a refund. 30 days out we are legally committed.

My fault on the tee-shirts. Longtallsally - DM me your address and I'll getting them out this week. I'll even throw in the last cup by way of apology.

Back to the topic at hand: I'm willing to go with the crowd, but strongly vote in favor of the Kernville location. However, if some place is chosen that requires me to replace my expresso machine just to get there, you can count me out. Connie has a limited appetite for gravel and none at all for dirt.

If gillafunk decides that he for sure doesn't "have interest in organizing the same thing we have been doing for 9 years" and the majority want to go back to Kernville, I'll help co-produce.
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