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So it seems like members are wanting locations that are:
- In CenCal
- Offer comfortable camping facilities, with showers
- Near stores
- Near a source for good beer
- Or who are only interested in having the event AT WRA;

Maybe consider joining the BMW NorCal riding group and attending one of their events, that way one can cut the Adventure out of riding almost entirely.

I wont design the event so you cant trailer or bring your RV, but I'm not going to curtail the event so that those who wont ride to the event can come. Given the fact that some members bring their families in their RV's, it is bad form to simply alienate people based solely on their mode of transportation.

Is WARPED now just like all the standard old man BMW ralley's where some people show up not to ride, but to just hang out drink and where one is such a princess that one cant go camping for an entire weekend with out a shower?

Finally, I.m not interested in hearing the 'Well you didn't come to the event last year, so you don't understand what we want'. No, I dont have the luxury and convenience of the ride to Kernville as a simple 1-3 hour afternoon ride, so making it up there for an afternoon is not appealing, so yes, I did miss one year due to personal and mechanical reasons. The other 8 I did attend, so I'm no noOb to what goes on.

Gerg, I, along with everyone else G.R.E.A.T.L.Y. appreciates you bringing your RV. It has been much like a wonderful support vehicle and I NEVER said RV's were a no go. I volunteered to run WARPED X during WARPED 8, sitting RIGHT next to you, so the whole "Anointing Me" is mute. And my Fall Colors ride (which has nothing to do with WARPED), is, as stated in the OP NOT an organized event. Respectfully, as you have never attended any of the 3 Fall Colors rides I have put together, I ask that you cease your discourse.
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