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Originally Posted by Burnszilla View Post
Variety is the spice of life. If the person organizing the event wants to move it, have at it. Vote with your registration dollars. Where is it written that it has to stay at Songdog or Kernville? Are we getting lazy? Moving it opens a lot of opportunities. People will still go to it. There might still be a place to hook up your 5th wheel.

The numbers have been dropping off every year probably because some people have been to the Kernville site too many times. Been there done that, got the 9 t-shirts, 4 mugs, 8 stickers and ridden every dirt road in the area. I'd like to be adventurous and ride in some other place I've never been, drink a different local beer and make some new friends.

Change is good. Let's explore.
The numbers have not been dropping. Last year was the only year they dropped. Every other year we have turned people away. Or went over the number alloted to us and turned a blind eye. Even the year it happened over Easter weekend.

The rest of what you've said, I understand. Trying something new is fun and interesting. But, does that make WARPED in Kernville a bad thing?

Originally Posted by GillaFunk View Post
So it seems like members are wanting locations that are:
- In CenCal
- Offer comfortable camping facilities, with showers
- Near stores
- Near a source for good beer
- Or who are only interested in having the event AT WRA;

Maybe consider joining the BMW NorCal riding group and attending one of their events, that way one can cut the Adventure out of riding almost entirely.

I wont design the event so you cant trailer or bring your RV, but I'm not going to curtail the event so that those who wont ride to the event can come. Given the fact that some members bring their families in their RV's, it is bad form to simply alienate people based solely on their mode of transportation.

Is WARPED now just like all the standard old man BMW ralley's where some people show up not to ride, but to just hang out drink and where one is such a princess that one cant go camping for an entire weekend with out a shower?
Remember, the name of the event is WARPED, ie Western Adventure Rider Party and Endurance Drinking event. Granted, I was not at the first three WARPED events, but my understanding is that was exactly the idea of WARPED. Come, hang out with friends and drink. Not, "we're doing hardcore riding." Kermit races used to be mandatory.

Also, a lot of us are OLDER than you and we like our fucking comforts. I've spent enough time not showering, not having a beer at the end of the day and generally being harder than woodpecker lips. I still do that sometimes, but not at WARPED.

Originally Posted by GillaFunk View Post
Finally, I.m not interested in hearing the 'Well you didn't come to the event last year, so you don't understand what we want'. No, I dont have the luxury and convenience of the ride to Kernville as a simple 1-3 hour afternoon ride, so making it up there for an afternoon is not appealing, so yes, I did miss one year due to personal and mechanical reasons. The other 8 I did attend, so I'm no noOb to what goes on.
No worries on you not being there last year. You had your reasons. But to propose to change the whole damn event without checking in with the people who attend seems a bit arrogant. Like you're saying, "I know what's better, regardless of what the people who attend it want." To me, that's not cool. You want to change things up, and the attendees agree - fine. You kill the event by changing things without seeing if the attendess want it changed, not cool.

Look, if you want to do something different, and everyone else wants to do WARPED X at MRA, then please, go do your something different and we'll do WARPED at MRA.

I don't go to WARPED as an "adventure" ride. I go to hang out with friends and chill for a weekend. Adventure and chill don't really go well together. I get adventure in the other rides I do during the year.
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