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Originally Posted by ewilly View Post
I think the deciding factors for me regarding the B loop decision comes down to these questions?

1. Will there be overhanging brush and branches on the trail that would damage the windscreen ?

2. Will there be UP/OVER logs to cross without ramps?

Any input would be appreciated. I am riding F800GS.

I have one friend who says not real doable and the other I ride with regularly that says no problem. Turning the pig around on a sketchy is not a viable option without 3 or 4 men either.
If you know what you are doing the Saturday B loop should not be too bad on a 800GS but I do hope you are running knobby tires.

There might be some vegetation across the windscreen, I really did not pay attention to that when odo'ing the course.

There were no logs that last time we rode it but there is an uphill with roots across least its a straight shot up the hill.
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