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Yeah i'm kinda a guru, I can't help it all this knowledge & good looks - it's a curse I tell ya

I have only recently put the high guard back on - & for reasons I'm not sure. Actually I think it was while the driveway was being done - I was getting a cementy spray over everything coming up it.
have I shown you my new driveway yet? Oh it is magnificent - Some days I feel like smothering myself with golden syrup & rolling down it just to feel its' smoothness & lack of metre deep potholes.

I have had the pleasure of working (electrical) in a guys home workshop the last couple of days. He drives all night, sleeps 3-4 hrs, gets up & fixes motorcycles all day then sleeps a couple more hours before going back driving again. It was like a dream in there - plasma, big welder, sand blaster cabinet, parts cleaner, lathe with top mill & more & more tools. Prob better equipped than most shop workshops.
He does mostly dirt bikes but has a few Ducatis, including one he's putting an Aprilia swingarm on. An ex racer he has a real love of bikes & sitting round his deck on a Sunday avo with a few bourbons.
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