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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Im thinking Longtallsally is our new organizer and head of event.
I honestly wouldn't mind doing it. I have a formally trained chef wife, proper equipment for whatever the situation, and like hanging out with you FFs.

The only problems are:
1) If we do this MRA place again, I can't afford to front the money and then chase everyone down to make sure I'm not broke (we are planning on buying a house in the coming months).

2) I simply don't have the time. Between a 19 month old and a very stressful job in the software industry, I'm pretty tapped out. The only reason it seems like I have a lot of time as a keyboard cowboy is b/c I work from home and have a personal computer literally right next to my work machine.

I actually think it would be kinda fun (despite the fact that some folks may see my style of PM as a bit harsh), but the family comes first.

So instead I'll just sit back and offer unasked for advice and bantor along... :)
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