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Hi Vicks, I am following this either way

I would go for the Nav prepared bike and then get things as I move along. May be alter things etc but it is already there. I would start with it a rally, see what I do not like (in the beginning you do not mind about the little details anyway), and then change what is not good for me.

The clean bike means that you have a clean start, you know every single bit of the bike and you know what or when will fail. With the used one ... well... For me, the 530 is a well behaved bike, meaning that will not die for breakfast and if it is ''few rallies'' it should be good to go. Even if you decide to sell the equipment and upgrade you will get a run for your money ...

Go with what you like the most, after all it is your pocket... But beware, the rally sickness is an evil one...
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