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So it was a brisk 30˚ this mornin in NW Colo and we had a history field trip out to the Milk Creek Battle Field. I walk the kids through what is was like for the soldiers in the barricade during the battle in 1879. But I to get back on topic, I am riding south of Craig on highway 13 calmly dodging the wildlife on the good old DR, when all of the sudden the rear end goes back and forth with a loud WHOOSH. Damn flat! I get the bike up on some rocks and set to changing the tire. I watch the bus go past, shit. I gotta hurry. I set a new record, for me at least, 22 minutes. I get done, throw the tools in the bag and passed the bus back on the county road and was waiting on the kids. Just a small hole. Good thing I threw in that rear tube last night.

Hard to imagine a hundred and 130+ plus years ago 175 mean were here battling for their lives,

Eleven Medals of Honor were awarded due to the actions on this field. In the foreground the unmarked grave of the teamsters,enlisted and non-coms lays. Only the officers were removed from the field of battle. Beautiful day in NW Colo, but the weather is starting to change!!
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