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Originally Posted by danketchpel View Post
The Japanese companies are still trying to understand character and inspiration. --SNIP--
Harley and BMW sell a lifestyle or statement that goes along with the bike.
Originally Posted by HanShotFirst View Post
The Japanese just know how to build a quality bike. The Star (Yamaha) cruisers look nearly as good as a Harley, ride better, perform better, don't rattle your nuts off, are more reliable, and significantly less money. --SNIP--
Pretty much sums it up there. I've said similar things about Japanese vs. Italian cars. Japanese cars are dead reliable. Italian cars have soul.

Japan can't seem to mass produce something that really inspires passion.

Even with all their flaws, HD, BMW, and Ducati, among others, have passionate followings. For the most part, the big four don't.
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