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It was on one of these first days that Sandra asked me if I was comfortable with the speed I was doing. "Well its nice cruising along", I answered. "But your not going slow because of me are you? You could go a bit faster."Well we have been going offroad together for many years in many parts of the world, but she never told me to go faster up to now. Normally she maybe slowed me down a bit. So she was feeling good on her bike and that even though she had pretty well used old tyres on the rims.
Ok she didn't have to say that to me twice. Now the fun began. Not that we are the racing guys but did make more miles now and the riding was more intersting.

Entering Mississippi the ground became a more red color.

And here we have Sandras "red in the evening Mississippi dust face".

Sam does not lead you through too many places with a shop so when he does its always nice to have a break for a drink or a snack.
Here we are in Paris (without the french).

Some of the signs we past we just didn't understand or didn't see.

And it always went through.

There were a lot of straight fast gravel parts where you could really make some miles.

Her some more pictures of Sandra catching up with me.

I never had to wait long. Some times she was close behind me. Some times it took a couple of seconds because there was alot of dust or she stopped to take a picture.
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