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Originally Posted by skwidd View Post
I've been there once when he was doing his thing, at the event out on the course.

He gets in there close, scary close sometimes, and the pictures I saw after were better than than the front row seat I had with a flag in my hand and all access.

The shots where you can see the situation in the riders' eyes and the violent nature of what he's doing are incredible, and they keep getting better.

Go Flug, go.
I couldn't agree more! We saw him there at Southwick near the first turn and I was standing practically on the track and this is the best I could come up with.

Maybe I should have been closer. In any case I could use a lesson or two from the man. I've also been fortunate enough to be on the good side of his camera, thanks again Scott.

Scott, will you be at the Monster Cup in Vegas in a couple of weeks? We'll be there with the RCH team, if you stop by the hauler I'll introduce you to Ricky if he's there. I know you're his biggest fan.

If not I'll look forward to next year's shots.
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